we are now running the latest and greatest again

New Version of Confluence

Confluence is going to go down at 16.00 on Friday for 30 minutes in order to upgrade from 2.10 to 3.2. For an overview over the new features, please see
Some notables are better support for integration with existing documents, drag-and-drop of attachments and new keyboard shortcuts, all in order to make it easier to put content on the web.

Update: The new version of Confluence is now live.

CrossFTP site licence

The makers of the CrossFTP client have generously made available a site licence for their software. This should make it a lot easier for us to access the large storage array at RAL (and of course any other storage arrays you may have). If you want to move data to our webdav server, go ahead and follow the instructions under Spider Computing -> Storage array.

Joel and Tony

Shift start Sunday 14/3/10 00:00:00

EUDET telescope in combined run with FORTIS. Run number 915, rate ~ 30 Hz.

Magnet current 149.6A = 4 GeV beam, DESY2 has 10.6e9

We are in Beam area 21 for the next three weeks


SPiDeR did get reviewed at the DESY PRC last week, check out the PRC presentation


After our "hosts" (we were running in parasitic mode, remember?) have left early, we decided to take some data with electrons for TPAC. We have put in our tungsten plate and have 100 GeV electrons now. Only remaining problem now is how to change it to a different energy...
Hopefully unlike the electrons, stay tuned...

We're still there

but hadn't had any beam for almost 12 hours ...


Beam is back so testing system. Joel



had to swap out sensors in layer 5. 33 out, 41 in. Looks good so far.


Fixing clocks, taking pics, swapping sensors...

Read more in today's logbook

Wednesday 1 st of July, 1300-1700, RAL CR04

Latex plugin

We have installed the confluence latex plugin.
Surround your text like this

{latex}text with $\sqrt{13}${latex}

and the content between the tags will be rendered by latex and inlined as a png. The example would look like this:

LaTeX Markup problem

Show/Hide latex markup

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