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Setting Up the DAQ software

This is a short primer on how to set up a computer to use the CALICE/TPAC software

For complete instructions, see, this does not include the MAPS specifics

Install ROOT

this is the first necessary step in order to compile everything else. We've tested with 5.16, 5.18 and 5.24

Install libusb

you need both libusb and libusb-devel

Create a caliceon userand a calice group

uid: 12842

gid: 3145

Download the calicedaq software

go to $HOME, here /home/caliceon

Code Block
rsync -rav --delete -e ssh code/

This is password protected, so contact Paul if you need access


(info) Don't update the other way around, this will mess things up ...

Create a data area

choose a sufficiently large data area, amke it writable to caliceon/calice and create the following structure in there

Code Block
mkdir log run slw sum

also create a file runNumber.txt in this directory, which contains the run number to use (check with Paul)

Download and install the usbdaq software

go to (provide web location) and download it to /home/caliceon.

Build the software (separate instructions here) and also take care of the udev scripts (separate instructions here)

go to $HOME, in our example /home/caliceon

Code Block
mkdir online
mkdir daquser


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cd online
mkdir bin cfg inc src

and set up the links

Code Block
ln -s  /home/caliceon/code/daquser daquser
ln -s  /home/caliceon/code/onlilc  online
ln -s  /home/caliceon/code/records  records
ln -s  <decal software area> usbdaq
ln -s <data area> data

then do

Code Block
cd ../daquser
mkdir bin inc src
ln -s  /home/caliceon/online/cfg cfg
ln -s  /home/caliceon/code/daquser daquser
ln -s  /home/caliceon/code/records  records
ln -s <data area> data
Build the code

After setting up your environment like this:

Code Block
# User specific aliases and functions

alias l='ls -l'
alias rmb='rm *~'
alias rmbb='rm */*~'

export PATH


add a file in /home/caliceon/online/src called  runnerDefine.icc

Code Block

#define MPS_LOCATION MpsLocation::ralsdg  //or any other ID defined by Paul

you are ready to build the code with

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cd /home/caliceon/online

If you want to build only the daqcode, you can do

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cd /home/caliceon/daquser


The setup contains relative paths. Some shells hash the location of the actual executables. To make sure that really the executable relative to your working directory is the one being executed, type hash -r. In bash, you can find out which one is first in the $PATH by typing type <nameOfExecutable>