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Cherwell 1

On-going and temporary plots

16-jun-13ffwalign_row_r600102_t4.png align_col_r600102_t4.pngFirst attempt to produce correlation plots between sensors for run 600102 similar to those produced by Tamsin.
13-jul-13ffwplots_13July13_ffw.gtarCollection of noise, pedestals, cluster plots, correlation, chareg sharing  for 6 sensors and  3 types of sensor used in run 600102
15-July-2013ABnoise_e.pngNoise obtained from PTC scans for the three types of sensors. Sensors 8 (Hi Res, Low Vt), 9 (Std Res, Low Vt) and 17 (Std Res, Std Vt) were used for this plot.



Original correlation plots for run 600102, for comparison to those Fergus has produced.

pixels_ref_HiResLowVt.pdf pixels_ref_StdLowVt.pdf

pixels_ref_StdVt.pdf pixels_strixel_HiResLowVt.pdf pixels_strixel_StdLowVt.pdf pixels_strixel_StdVt.pdf

Various plots for reference and strixels for the 3 flavours of StdVt, StdLowVt and HiResLowVt
13-Aug-13FFWpixels_ref_HiResLowVt_2.pdf pixels_ref_HiResLowVt_5.pdf pixels_ref_StdLowVt_3.pdf pixels_ref_StdVt_0.pdf pixels_ref_StdVt_1.pdf pixels_ref_StdLowVt_4.pdf pixels_ref_all.pdfUpgraded versions of the refernce plots with better captions for all 6 sensors. Std/HighRes etc.. is just a  guess based on the sensor response. Also first attempt at resolutions (pixels_ref_all.pdf).


Consistent Plots

To achieve consistent plot styles for the papers and presentations:

  1. Copy RooCherwellLogon.C and RooCherwellAlias.C
  2. Create or edit .rootrc so it contains the lines:
Code Block
Rint.Load:  RooCherwellAlias.C
Rint.Logon: RooCherwellLogon.C

When you load ROOT, these files will define a "Cherwell" style e.g. the following code shows how to use it

Code Block
void test_style() {

  gROOT->SetStyle("Cherwell"); // use cherwell style

  // create a histogram
  TH1F *h1 = new TH1F("h1", "title", 100, -3, 3);

  h1->FillRandom("gaus"); // fill with gaussian

  h1->GetXaxis()->SetTitle("This is the X axis label");
  h1->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("This is the Y axis label");


  // put "Cherwell 1 Preliminary" on the plot in default place
  CherwellSmartLabel(-1,-1,-1,"Preliminary"); // after ->Draw();

  // create some output plots

Plots and results

Here is a list of plots and results we need to produce.

We should also aim to produce the numbers and plots with a consistent unit e.g. uV, pA, 12-bit ADC, or electrons. If not we should have the conversion factors defined.

We need to produce some of these plots for multiple wafer types. We should agree on a standard colour scheme for the 3 types of wafer when comparing them on the same plot.

  1. Standard resistivity ("Std")                     (Black/sold line).
  2. Standard resistivity, low Vt ("StdLowVt") (Blue/dashed line).
  3. High resistivity, low Vt ("HiResLowVt")    (Red/ dotted line).

We will need to produce them for Reference, strixel, decal25 and decal50.

Each cell in the following tables should eventually have at least 3 numbers or 3 plots representing the 3 wafers

Please use a consistent naming convention: e.g.

Cherwell1_<type>_<wafer>_<description>.jpg where:

  • <type> = "Ref" or "Strixel" or "Decal25" or "Decal50"
  • <wafer> = "Std" or "StdLowVt" or "HiResLowVt".
  • <description> = short description or observable e.g. noise_v_pixel
Numbers and Conversion Factors


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
Conversion factor ADC/e-    
Conversion factor uV/e-    
Conversion factor uV/ADC    
Linear Well (mean+rms)    
Full Well (mean+rms)    
Noise (mean+rms)    
Gain (mean+rms)    
Hit efficiency    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
2D colz plot of noise for sensor    
1D plot of noise with fit showing mean and RMS    
1D plot of noise for one pixel showing Landau distribution    
1D plot of noise by row    
1D plot of noise by column    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
2D colz plot of pedestals for sensor    
1D plot of pedestals per row    
1D plot of pedestals per column    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D PTC plot for a few pixels    
1D plot of gain for all pixels with fit to show mean and rms    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D plot of ADC counts    
1D plot of fit to endpoint with an error function    
1D Overlay noise distribution when no Fe55 and no light    
S/N number    
Charge Sharing


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D plot of eta distribution    
1D plot of integral of eta distribution    
1D plot of non-linearity    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D plot of charge sharing for a row vs position in cell    
1D plot of charge sharing per column vs position in cell    
2D plot of charge sharing vs position in pixel (colz)    
2D plot of where the laser light was directed    
1D plot charge sharing versus depth in epitaxila layer    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D plot of hit disribution (adc counts)    
1D plot of hit significance    
1D plot of the above for hits on or off a track.    
2D correlation plots between sensors    
Hit efficiency v threshold    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D plot of number of clusters vs. thresholds    
1D seagull plots    
1D plot of size of clusters (ADC counts)    
1D plot of correlation of clusters within a sensor    
1D plot of size of clusters (number of pixels)    


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50
1D plot of alignment (row)    
1D plot of alignment (column)    
1D number of clusters per sensor within N pixels of track    
1D plot of hit resolution for row    
1D plot of hit resolution for column    
2D plot of hit resolution row v column (lego3)    


Low temperature/ cryogenics


DescriptionReferenceStrixelDecal 25Decal 50

Cherwell 2

Plots and results