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This page is a quick reference/resource page for the USBDAQ for TPAC1.X chips

edit - if running in single mode ensure the twist dial is set to "f" or things will not work


Current approvedĀ version is 114 (Dec 08) download here v0b114.tgz

Cable Setup

Cartoon below shows how the three ribbon cables connect the USBDAQ to the TPAC board, and the standard jumper settings

Acceptance Testing

A (brief) procedure for inital testing of new sensors after bonding or after setting up the DAQ system in a new location.

Check board mods:

> power dongle connected to J7
> R84 = "822"
> R76 = "273"

Plug in

> Connect power + ground
> Plug IDC cables
> Turn on power (5v)
> Check current ~550mA (within 20%)

Set up for test software

> cd /home/caliceon/sw/CALICEMAPS1/CALICEMAPS1
> source maps1_setup
> cd tests/exe

Functional PCB tests

> ./TempTest (should return temp reading & firmware version = 114)
> ./RefSet (should return 3x banks of 2048 and one bank of 4095)

Functional Sensor tests

> ./SensorLoadv1.1 (should return 0 : 0 until ctrl-c)
> ./SpillTest 210 (should return 12768 words until ctrl-c)

Set up for application software

> cd /home/caliceon/online
> startUp (run command "panic" if fails to start)
> runMonitor (in separate shell, should show current status)

Optionally set up some pixel masks

> loadCfg -s <PCB#> (should show current mask/trim setting for that board)
(if fails, make the missing file in cfg directory by copying another)
> loacCfg -s <PCB#> -h (shows options)

Execute some applcation tests, such asĀ 

> runStart -t mpsThresholdScan -v 99

Analyse data using root

> ls -latr data/run (should show the latest run number)
> cd /home/caliceon/daquser
> mpsAnalysis -0xfffd <run#>
> root
> new TBrowser
> open the corresponding MpsAnalysisThresholdScan######.root
> review plots such as Sensor##Region0LinProfile, Sensor##Region1LinProfile etc

Finish up

> shutDown
> power down sensor PCB; USBDAQ