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Table of Contents

Master Firmware:

The following are the flash image files for the master USBDAQ with TLU handshake function to work with EUDET TLU in DESY test beam 2010
V10 - the current running version. This is a low performance version. Needs about 3us to complete a handshake cycle.
V9/ V11 both similar to V10, but faster they does a handshake in 1.3 and 1us respectively. Both V9 and V11 are UNTESTED!! Only use if there is problem with performance.

Slave Firmware:

The flash image of slave firmware can be download from here.


To reconfig a spare board, download the corresponding flash image files and reprogram the board. Only the Xilinx flash (xcf04) needs to to programed. After downloading the firmware image, the boards needs to be powercycled, or reload by pressing the push "CE" button on the left-hand side.

If modification is needed, the source files and Xilinx ISE project of V10 can be download here. The USBDAQ board use a Xilinx xcf04s flash in serial mode, the corresponding options needs to be selected in Xilinx iMPACT.

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