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First testing:

Gary and I did some tests on the amplifier structure, please see below and the attached pictures. After some changing of the parameters, the findings are below.


  • Vdd = 3.3V
  • Vcc = 1.8V
  • Ibias SF = -250uA
  • IbiasSH = -200uA
  • IbiasPRE = -250uA
  • VbiasPRECascN = 0.500V
  • VbiasSHCascN = 1.500V


The pulse was applied to the Vininput (YELLOW curve in the pictures), amplitude from 1.8V to 0.8V (i.e. 1V amplitude). The preRst (PMOS) was kept off (its G pulled to 1.8V)

The RED curve shows the output 3 ( output 1 looks very similar).

The scope used standard passive probes so the excess ringing could be decreased using a better setup, which could increase the measured output amplitude too,  but the main thing is that overall the amplifier seems to work. We could see a change in peak amplitude and delay by changing the Vin amplitude.

In the first picture, the time scale is increased by 10.


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