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  • Roy's Test-beam photos 16-Oct-12
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Notes from Roy

I just sent you about 10 pictures I took of the H6 area when I was in CERN last week. There are two parts to the H6 area. One has the EUDET telescope, the other has some GEM gas detectors installed. We would be in the EUDET area. As you can see, there is a moveable platform there on which detectors can be mounted . Outside the beam area, separated by a fence, is a corridor. Here there is a PC presumably for controlling the EUDET and this platform. There is also a hutch to be used for this area. That is further away. So we place most of our systems close to the H6 area. I was told that you can even be in the corridor right next to the H6 area with the beam on.

Marian Krivda, who is one of Birmingham’s technical experts, took me around. He is based there permanently (together with Anton Jusko) and takes care of the ALICE trigger plus some NA62 hardware. He and Anton are very keen and willing to help us with the testbeam, before during and after. Marian knows how everything works at CERN and the SPS.

I went to the User’s Office to ask about radiation passes. We can all get one on the day, a temporary badge. It is fine for a one off visit. You don’t need any medical certificates or anything.

HOWEVER, everyone should be registered at CERN. There was some confusion over this as not all of us are attached to an experiment. However, the consensus seemed to be that I can be the team leader and forms are signed by you listing me as leader.

Customs: I have spoken with Paul Morrall who is one of our technicians here. He recently installed hardware built here for the ALPHA antihydrogen experiment at CERN. It was a different situation as the hardware was to remain at CERN. However, he said all paperwork was prepared by a person at RAL (Andy Napper) who does this for all CERN import/export. He gave me an email trail to follow which I’ve just forwarded to you.



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