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Arachnid Project


Welcome to the homepage of the Arachnid Project

This is the homepage of the Arachnid Collaboration based in the UK. Arachnid is a focused R&D program aimed at establishing the viability of monolithic silicon active pixel sensors (MAPS) for future nuclear and  particle physics detectors for vertexing, tracking and calorimetry.

Arachnid is a focused R&D programme aimed at transforming the UK's world lead in 0.18mum 4T INMAPS silicon into real-world applications for future vertexing, tracking and calorimetry detectors in both particle and nuclear physics. Monolithic active pixel silicon sensor (MAPS) technology can be applied in other fields such as astronomy, imaging, medicine and material science.  It will position the UK at the forefront of this highly competitive silicon technology and enable the UK to propose and lead new large-scale detector systems.

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