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2015Vertex 2015 VERTEX15_worm.pdfHR-CMOS developmentsS. Worm

LCUK silicon Oxford 15-Apr-15 Cherwell_OverMOS.pdf Cherwell_OverMOS.pptx

Cherwell results, OverMOS futureF.Wilson
2014Vertex 2014 Vertex2014_fwilson.pdf

MAPS sensors

2014TIPP 2014 Amsterdam  fwilson_tipp14.pdfExperimental results with Cherwell MAPS sensorsF.Wilson
2013SiD meeting SLAC fwilson_sid.pdfUK MAPS work and overviewF.Wilson
2013IPRD 2013 Siena fwilson_siena.pdfResults from Cherwell 1F.Wilson
2013EPS 2013, Stockholm EPSTalk13.pdf EPSTalk13.odpFirst results from Cherwell, a monolithic active pixel sensor for particle physics.T. Nooney
2013ECFA-LC 2103, Hamburg pdf tarUK Activities on tracking and vertexing (Linear Collider)F.Wilson
2013IOP 2013 pptxFirst tests of CHERWELL, a Monolithic Active Pixel SensorJ Mylroie-Smith
2013PASI 2013 pdf pptxUK Silicon Digital CalorimeterF. Wilson
2013KEK Seminar pptx, pdfArachnid: A CMOS MAPS R&D ProgrammeA. J Bevan

Pixel 2012 pptx, pdf

First tests of CHERWELL, a Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor

J. Mylroie-Smith et al.

NIM A650 (2011) 178-183

Advanced monolithic active pixel sensors for tracking, vertexing and calorimetry with full CMOS capability.

M.Stanitzki et al


NIM A643 (2011) 29-35

Design study for a next generation B factory pixel vertex detector.

A.J.Bevan et al.


JINST 6 (2011) P05009

Design and performance of a CMOS study sensor for a binary readout electromagnetic calorimeter.

J.A.Ballin et al

2010Pixel 2010, GrindelwaldAdvanced Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for tracking and vertexing with full CMOS capabilityM.Stanitzki
2010IWLC2010, Geneva pdfProgress report from the SPiDeR collaborationS.Worm
2010NSS10, IEEE, Knoxville pdf pptFirst beam test results of the FORTIS sensorJ.Velthuis
2009arXiv:0901.4457A digital ECAL based on MAPS

J.A.Ballin et al

2009Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 197 (2009) 342-345A MAPS-based readout for a tera-pixel electromagnetic calorimeter at the ILC.

J.A.Ballin et al

2009FEE09, New York pdf pptDeveloping MAPS for Scientific Applications J.Crooks
2009TWEPP09, Paris (pdf , ppt)Advanced Pixel Architectures for Scientific Image SensorsR.Coath
2009LCTW09, Paris pdf ppt


2009NSS09, IEEE, Orlando PosterA Low Noise Pixel Architecture for Scientific CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel SensorsR.Coath
2008J.Phys. Conf. Ser. 110 (2008) 092035A MAPS-based readout of an electromagnetic calorimeter for the ILC.N.K.Watson et al.
2008arXiv:0807.2920Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) in a quadruple well technology for nearly 100% fill factor and full CMOS pixels.J.A.Ballin et al
2008Twepp 2008A monolithic active pixel sensor for a tera-pixel ECAL at the ILC.J.P.Crooks et al.
2006NIM A560 (2006) 139-142CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS): New eyes for science.R. Turchetta et a l
2005Not sureCMOS Active Pixel Sensors: Design For Scientific ApplicationsR. Turchetta et al
2003NIM A512 (2003) 358-367A 512x512 CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor with integrated ADCs for space science.R. Turchetta et al
2003Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 125 (2003) 184-188Analysis and simulation of charge collection in monolithic active pixel sensors (MAPS).E.G.Villania et al
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