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  • CERN Test Beam Analysis Topics
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The following topics are relevant for the CERN test beam analysis.  People working on a given topic are indicated in square brackets.

Data processing:

  • Pedestal and common mode subtraction algorithm (we have a nominal one implemented by James which can be used for now). [James: 30/11/2012, AB to look at fast simulation of this]
  • Data processing: The raw data should be processed to avoid us having to apply pedestal and common mode subtraction each time.  The procedure to do this should be documented so that any evolution of the algorithm can be implemented efficiently. [James: 30/11/2012]
  • Noise monitoring and identification of bad pixels or regions by other means [Gianluca: start looking at masking features in the data/hot pixels etc.]
  • Code archival and documentation [James: 5/12/2012]

Tracking Algorithm:

  • Implement tracking algorithm.  Note that we have code for a Kalman filter tracking algorithm that comes from BaBar/SuperB, Fergus may have time to look into that, however his priority is to use the laser system to test sensor response at RAL. [Roy + "friends", using code committed by Fergus]
  • Code archival and documentation [Roy]

Analysis using the Cherwell stack only:

  • Correlation plots [Tamsin?]
  • Alignment [tbd]
  • Tracking [tbd]
  • Hit resolution [tbd]
  • Charge sharing tbd]
  • Efficiency for each type of sensor [tbd]
  • Code archival and documentation [tbd]

Analysis using the EUDET telescope

  • Correlation plots [Tamsin?]
  • Starting from the telescope data, verify that the alignment is sensible, and then perform tracking from the telescope to the Cherwell stack. Aim is to extract the hit resolution and efficiency of each type of sensor to compare with the Cherwell stack results. [tbd]
  • Code archival and documentation [tbd]
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